Prior to delivery, our team always perform Quality Control (QC) on the products to be shipped. But some things can happen and reduce your satisfaction.
We may request a refund if:

  • The item you received is corrupted.
  • The item you received cannot be used.
  • The item you received does not match the product description.
  • The items you receive contain keyloggers.

We can not process refund request if:

  • You purchased items incorrectly because of your inadequacy and your carelessness.
  • You are abusing our items.
  • You have downloaded our item and have been stored for more than 24 hours since receiving the item.
  • Payment is made using operator pulse.

Refund Policy:

  • The refund applies only to the software that we release.
  • For cheat game purchases, users are required to reimburse server tax charges by 25% of the item price. (Will be automatically deducted by the system upon refund)
  • Once you receive a partial refund from the system, you are not permitted to use the items you receive, and your accounts that have been stored on our servers will be suspended.
  • If you have received a partial refund from the system but in the future, you want to buy the same item, you do not have to pay the fund completely enough to pay the lack of funds needed.

To make a refund request, please fill in the following data and send email at

Full name:
Order Number:
Order date:
Item Purchased Name:
Payment via: (Bank / Paypal / bKash / Bitcoin)
Transaction ID:
Photo or video proof: